Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Voted Best Video on a Hosted Desktop

Voted Best Video on a Hosted Desktop

iAreaNet is proud to service our partners, One of our partners approached us to help their client have an easier way of doing business, with editing 900 GB movie files on a hosted desktop. We said sure we can help we built specific tech to deliver the best, award winning video on a hosted desktop ever.

Easily edit vide and allow access to other coworkers without having to transfer the file up and down hundreds of times. Why stop at video, we tested medical images, 3d images and  Auto CAD.
a.     Hosted Desktop VDI should have Adobe Creative Suite Installed
b.     Hosted Desktop VDI  should have MS Office installed
c.      Hosted Desktop VDI should have Firefox installed
d.     Hosted Desktop VDI should have Adobe Flash Player installed
e.     Hosted Desktop VDI should have Pinnacle suite Ultimate
f.      Hosted Desktop VDI should have Auto Cad

The test was based on Speed performance responsiveness (with load)
a.      Video streaming
b.      Adobe Creative Suite performance, dream weaver, Photoshop
c.       Video editing e, 900 GB file
e.      Performance in video playback across both user accounts while under load
f.       Performance in day-to-day functions while one account is under load
g.      Performance in data accessibility
d.      Performance in data transfer

in a university study IAreaNet out performed, IBM, Citrix, evolveIP, cbeyond, broadview and 15 other hosted desktop companies out there in the market.  Not only did we beat everyone on a PC but we also offer a hosted MAC desktop with similar capabilities.

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