Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What's a CLEC or VOIP company to do.

What a CLEC VOIP company to do.

We are faced with a new world of selling telecom services, FIOS, U-verse and cable based internet is taking the industry by storm, I have been talking about this for many years how the landscape is changing, now is the time for a change.  I recently had several ILEC/CLEC’s VOIP' companies call me and tell me that they are experiencing diminishing returns and loss of business and revenue, what used to be a profitable business is no longer, On top of On top of loss in revenue, the circuits they are selling are being sabotaged for example on the carriers sold a Ethernet over copper circuit for one of our joint customers, Verizon came to install the circuit and the tech had the customer go online and order FIOS, the carrier gets the cancellation of the Ethernet over copper circuit and losses out on any commission, the Verizon tech puts in that the facilities for copper don’t exist when then in fact do, how do you compete how do you make any money any more ?

Selling just Hosted voice, VOIP or internet circuits is a loss leader today when your account for the cost of acquiring new customers, and Given Vonage offering Business Hosted VoIP for 9.99 to 19.99, by the time you pay your switch costs to broad soft or meta switch your making no money, many agents are saying the market is dead I can’t find any new deals.  Well Circuits for big bandwidth are now in the 200 dollar range and VOIP is cheaper and easily ordered online, then most carriers are offering it, SO stop losing your once prosperous business selling these services.

IAreaNet is your answer, and the time to change is now we work with your existing carriers and don’t interfere with your revenue or sales of telecom services, we provide you products to sell on top.  With your own online market place and a complete office suite we have made it easy to sell cloud services, we have training material and easy questions to take the technology out of the sale and focus on the customers’ business needs.

We are not just another cloud company that sells hosted servers, CPU, memory, hard drive space, although we do offer utility computing as a service, we have created the next gen office as a platform, We offer training and consulting services branding and integration, we provide over 13 core easy to sell products that yield over 70 dollars per user per month.  As a partner you can fully interface with the customer, provide you with quoting tools and your own website to sell our products and your own.  Buy wholesale or build your own system our partner programs are flexible.
IAreaNet provides you everything your clients need to run their office. There’s no software to install, no IT professionals to hire, no additional hardware to purchase. IAreaNet offers training and continued support to ensure you have the knowledge and tools to market and support the product.
Leverage your current customer base by offering this exceptional solution that works on top of your clients’ existing circuits and even allows you to increase your revenue and maintain your customers.

We have been servicing customers for over 10 years on our office as a service platform, and have the best most integrated offering on the market. Contact me James deCrescenzo for more information or a demo at james@iareanet.net

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